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Business Loan

We provide customised and flexible business cash advance packages for businesses that require funds to expand, grow and run their daily operations.

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Personal Loan

Personal loan is the most popular financial package among our customers. We can tailor our personal loan packages to suit your financial needs.

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Foreigner Loan

Short term cash advances for foreigners working in Singapore. We offer low interest rates and flexible repayment packages for foreigners.

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Private Housing Loan

We have customised private housing loan packages for the savvy investor or home owner who lack the necessary funds to purchase your dream investment or dream property.

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Medical / Hospital Loan

Unexpected medical expenses can sometimes bring about short time financial difficulties. We provide short term cash advances for those in urgent need of cash for such occasions.

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Other Types Of Loans

We also provide other types of customised loan packages. If you want to know more about other types of financial packages that we provide, please contact us for more information.

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Payday Loan

We provide low interest cash advance for those who run out of cash to pay for unexpected expenses or bills before your next pay day.

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Apply For Loan Online

Apply for cash advance online through our online application form for quick and easy approval. Our online application form is secured and your privacy is fully guarantee.

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